• Premaitha Health

    Simple and accurate molecular diagnostics harnessing Next Generation Sequencing technology.
  • ASHG Annual Meeting

    Premaitha will be exhibiting at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting in San Diego on 18-22 October 2014
  • the IONA® test

    Enabling clinical laboratories to offer their own in-house NIPT for Trisomy 13, 18 and 21.
  • Premaitha Health

    Accelerating the adoption of clinically useful diagnostic information into widely available in vitro diagnostic products.
  • the IONA® test

    Changing the landscape of prenatal testing.
  • 4 July 2014: Premaitha Health plc

    Begins first day of trading on London Stock Exchange platform AIM. The Company has raised £7.2m by way of Placing and an Open Offer (TIDM: NIPT) which will be used to commercialise the IONA® test.
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Welcome to Premaitha Health

Premaitha Health is a molecular diagnostics company with a simple accurate and reliable non-invasive prenatal test. The IONA® test is the first IVD product to enable clinical laboratories to perform the tests themselves.